MASSIVE Dev update! Full game coming soon!

YO! We've been hard at work on EleMetals for quite a while, and we can finally share some of the amazing new features and content we've been working on.

Thanks to everyone that has downloaded the DEMO-nic Edition so far - we truly hope you're enjoying  shredding your friends. We will be announcing more details on launch soon - but in the meantime... check out some of these rad new features!

    • We now have six unique characters, each utilizing their own metal element. Meet the launch lineup of Bone, Inferno, Blood, Plague, Corrosion, and Ash. Summon your favorite EleMetal and shred your friends!

  • SCROLLING LEVELS - Horizontal and Vertical
    • This is a huge new feature we’re super excited to announce. Get ready to platform through a gauntlet of traps while still battling it out! These levels are NUTS. Lava floods the Ritual Caverns up, Grinders chase you through the Metal Haven, and a massive Dust Storm will have you frantically navigating through the Shank Pit.
    • If you have full Shard ammo (3) available, you can now hold “Shoot” to charge all three Shards into a MEGA-BLAST OF FACE-MELTING ELEMENTAL DESTRUCTION! Charge Shots will penetrate through the entire level, destroying traps or breakable blocks - but they CAN be dash-blocked by players! 
    • These were available in the DEMO-nic Edition of EleMetals, but they are now bigger, faster, and more badass.

    • Three deadly Realms will be available at launch - each with their own unique look, feel, level design, and traps! Each Realm consists of several maps to master. More details on these Realms in the future.

    • Massive Attacks will start appearing if you take too long to destroy your enemies. Watch out, they start blasting into the world faster and faster - so hurry up and win the match!
    • We’ve added more Knockback to all Shard/Trap/Dash deflection now. Dash into your enemy while they are dashing, and you’ll both go flying! Shards can be dashed into to be deflected - but be careful, you’ll bounce off the Shard. You can also now Dash Deflect off of most Traps and Massive Attacks.

    • Ricochet platforms - Bounce shards off these platforms and surprise your enemies… or yourself.
    • Portals - Not sure how these work? Ask Valve.
    • Players will now start on floating platforms that will disappear when you move or jump off of them. This allows us more freedom with level design, and some randomness to where you can start a level.
    • You can now leave the bounds of the screen on certain levels! Get back into the map before the timer runs out, or you’ll be banished by a terrifying unknown force and removed from the match!

What’s Next for EleMetals?

  • Level Design for all Realms
    • Variety of layouts
    • Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Scrolling, Close Quarters, etc
  • Refining Menus and Interface flow
  • Controller Support
  • Optimizations

Thanks for checking it out - stay tuned for more news on Release! Grab the DEMO-nic Edition for FREE, and kick-ass with up to 4 friends!

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