EleMetals DEMO v0.91 - Patch Notes

The EleMetals Demo v0.91 is now LIVE!!!

Check out the patch notes below: 


Gameplay Tweaks

  • Falling/Sinking platforms now sink faster
  • Game now shows who won the match before Round Over screen appears
  • Dashing into another Dashing character will cause a more consistent bounce
  • Massive Attack Tridents will now break Breakable Pipes and Potions


  • Getting Banished by falling in Lava will now display “Banished” messaging
  • SHRED animation fixed to remove gap
  • All camera backgrounds are now black instead of blue
  • Reduced smoke effect on Revive Explosion
  • Massive Attack warning effect now grows across the screen for better visibility
  • Fixed several cases of sprite sorting layer issues
  • New Game Icon
  • More informational How To Play screen


  • New SFX for lava flood and the lava pipe turret
  • New SFX for when two players collide during a dash.
  • New SFX for end of round screen
  • All sounds should be spatialized properly now


  • Bug fix - Pausing on game start no longer causes players to stay frozen
  • Bug fix - Players will no longer get stuck at the loading screen on the main menu
  • Potential fix to characters getting looping squash and stretch animation
  • Pressing the Esc key will now exit Demo

Download and play NOW!!!

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Version 2 Aug 29, 2019

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