KILLER new Power-Ups and Traps + Updates

We have some killer new EleMetals content to share with everyone! EleMetals has officially hit utter madness levels with the addition of SHARD POWERUPS this week. We're leaning into the chaos we've created - if you're skilled, you understand what to look for and can defend yourself with dash deflection, positioning, etc... but lower level players can have a chance to win. 

Build Notes Feb 4, 2020

New Content coming to Full Game

  • Powerups! Omni Shards, Spread Shards, and Refill Shards
    • Spawn system for randomized specific locations
    • Almost all levels have Powerups place in them
    • Powerup Shards replace your current Shards

  • Prism Trap - Rotating Prism, shoot it with a shard and it will launch three shards back into the environment
    • Trap is located in some Ritual Cavern levels
  • Metal Haven now has Purple Goo at the bottom of some levels that will Banish player if they touch it.


  • New, more clear FX for charging shards and headbanging for more shards. 
  • Players are now able to Dash Deflect off Charge Shots
  • Massive Attacks will now destroy Breakable Blocks/Pipes and Explode Potions
  • Charged Shots will now destroy shards
  • Souls are much more dynamic now
    • More movement with each press of button to bring soul back
    • Less effort to bring soul back, but speed increases more each death
  • New Aim reticle that looks more badass
  • Massive Attacks come in much sooner


  • Fixed bug where player couldn’t shoot a shard while performing wall slide
  • Fixed bug where Soul animation wasn’t resetting to first frame
  • Fixed bug where a third player couldn’t join on Character Select
  • Fixed bug where Lava and Purple Pits weren’t fully banishing players
  • Fixed bug where you could accidentally skip the Level Select screen
  • Fixed bug with End Round screen where third player UI wouldn’t show up
  • Fixed bug where player wouldn’t get Banished when their corpse dropped into Lava
  • Fixed bug with Ricochet platforms to make them more consistent
  • Fixed several sprite sorting layer bugs
  • Fixed Slow Zone traps in Shank Pit to have more consistent FX
  • Breakable blocks have more obvious cracked lines to help readability
  • Moving objects no longer show Blood Splats
  • Several tweaks to levels to make them smaller and more intense

Stay tuned on upcoming content and our full game release! Grab the Demo while you can :)

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