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Hi there, I'm Ty (@SwitchCrook)- designer and artist on EleMetals. This has been a dream game I've been chipping away at for a long time, through multiple prototypes and iterations.  We're finally on a path to see this through after I took a few years off to develop other games (NDA prototypes, Job Simulator, Rick & Morty VR) By day I design VR games, and in my free time I get to make 2d art and retro-ish games. 

We're currently focusing on implementing some of the remaining character mechanics, and getting close to getting a fully playable prototype complete. We're focusing on the first, most iconic EleMetals realm currently named "Lava Dungeon" and one playable character. We are currently two dudes plugging away at this concept in our free time, so we'll most likely be feeding in weekly updates. Hope you dig it, and follow EleMetals on Twitter!


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